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There they were. Sitting, watching the sunset behind Aurey's rainbow.

"Beautiful," said Vechs gazing at the sun.

"Yeah. Isn't the sun just lovely?" Aurey replied.

"No, not the sun," said Vechs smiling.

"Then what is so beautiful?"

"You are," Vechs said.

Aurey just sat there silent and blushing with her rosey red cheeks.

Vechs sat up and grabbed Aurey's hand helping her up and guiding her
to spawn.
They walked for a while in silence the Vechs turned around to Aurey.

"You truly are beautiful," he said to her.

Aurey just stared at the Town Hall trying not to blush.
Vechs put his hand up to the side of her face and guided her gaze to where
She was staring into his eyes.

"I mean it," he said.

Aurey was speechless and instead of using words just showing her emotion
by giving him a hug.
They stood that way for a while then Vechs guided Aurey's head up and kissed
her forehead.
They went back to hugging for a few more minutes then heard another
MindCracker close to them.
They turned around to see Bdubs.
Bdubs walked by Vechs and patted him on the back.
After Bdubs and left spawn and got into his house Vechs and Aurey
just busted into laughter.

A few minutes later Aurey told Vechs, "Come here."

Aurey kissed Vechs on the cheek and they both giggled.


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